We are an international professional children's clothing supplier. We provide good quality products at competitive wholesale prices to the medium-sized and boutique stores all over the world. We sell wholesale baby rompers, toddler clothing, kids swimwear, etc. for retailers from more than 130 countries. This website(kiskissing.com) fits for medium and small wholesale business. Buying from us is both secure and simple .

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Firstly, please register a customer account at kiskissing.com.

Price & Discount

For our popular styles, you can see there is the volume discount. You will get very low discounted prices based on the total quantity, no matter what color or what size you choose. The more you buy, the more you will save. The biggest volume discount is up to 12%.
For our new styles, there is no volume discount on the product page, we have made the things more simple. We have lowered the products' unit prices. The prices are also very competetive.

What's more, for the final order, when the order amount (not including shipping) exceeds 1000(USD), you can get 2% off; 3000(USD)+, get 5% off; 5000(USD)+, get 8% off.

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Processing Time
Our order processing time is 2-7 working days.
Q: someWhy so long?
A: To make sure you have a good shopping experience, we will inspect the goods’ quality one by one carefully before we ship out your goods.

Shipping Address
Please fill in the correct address and check it carefully, once your packages are sent out, the express company will charge a high fee for address change.
Notice: please remember to check the “drop-ship” option if your order is a Drop-shipping order!

Kiskissing Drop-ship Order

Shipping Time & Fee

DHL: 5-10 days
FedEx IP: 5-10 days
FedEx IE: 5-10 days (unavaliable)

Nowadays, due to the impact of the COVID-19 virus, the shipping time will be slower than normal day.

Q: How long can I receive my package?
A: Processing time(2-7 working days)+ Shipping time.
Notice: the shipping fee is charged according to the weight of products and the shipping methods you choose.

Shipping Cost

The shipping cost is charged according to weight by the system automatically.

But if you only order a few pieces, the average shipping cost would be higher averagely because of the base charge. 
The more you ordered, the average shipping cost would be lower. 

According to experience, for wholesale orders, the shipping cost is 1-2usd  per piece averagely. Sometimes 2-3usd averagely which depends on the address and the items you purchased. 

The shipping cost in the system is already given a big discount by the shipping company. The original shipping cost is even much higher because it is Express international shipping way which is safe and fast.

Reg exact shipping info, you can register in our website, add some items into your shopping cart. In the shopping cart, you can enter your country and zip code, then you can check the shipping options, delivery time and cost accordingly.  
About Labels/Tags
Most of products are with no Brand info on the labels( the label is white label which means no brand meaning) , only size label and care label.
But small part of the products are with different brand label, not KISKISSING( KISKISSING is only our website name).
label 1label 2
KISKISSING Separate Packing 

Each item of KISKISSING is carefully packed in a good quality polybag. The packing does not indicate any info of KISKISSING so that our clients can resend the items to your customers directly and no need to make repacking. seperate packing

Order Status and Tracking

Pending Status means:
If you have paid through the Western Union or Bank Transfer, and yet we haven’t received your payment, the system will show Pending.
If you choose bank transfer for payment, please use your personal account to pay, don’t use your company’s bank account. When you choose the purpose of remittance, please don’t choose the commercial or financial one.

Processing Status means:
We are dealing with your order, and it will be sent out within 2-7 working days from the date we receive your money.

Complete Status means:
You can see the tracking information on the order page.

Kiskissing Orders list

Kiskissing Orders shipment

About the out-of-stock items
There are thousands of products on our website, and we have enough inventory for 90% of them.
Our stocks are affected by the sales volume and season changes, sometimes we may not have the goods you have ordered. For these out-of-stock items, we will give you a full refund.

When your order is refunded successfully, you will receive an e-mail from us, and a Refund Confirm email from PayPal. You can check the refund details on the order page.

The tariff threshold for each country is different, we usually declare $2 - $3 per piece if you don’t have any special request.
If your order needs to pay the tariff, please follow the customs policy to pay the tariff.
And if your packages are destroyed or returned only because of your refusal to pay the tariff, we will not be responsible for that.

30 Days Return Policy
If our goods have any quality problem, you can get a full refund.
If our goods have no quality problem, but you are not satisfied with the material, color or the size, you can send the goods back to us. Once we receive the goods, we will give you the refund.

Before you apply for refund, Please send us your order number, product’s SKU, the item’s quantity and the returning reason.

After we confirm that, you need to fill the value on our demand, if we need to pay a high tariff because of you didn’t write the value on our demand, we can refuse your refund request.

Contact us:
Tel: +86-13312886761 (China Standard Time 10am - 6pm)
Whatsapp: +86-13312886761
E-mail: [email protected]

Zhang Lei (contact person)
Wan Li Shang Ye Yuan E201
Pan Yu Da Dao Bei 346
Guang Zhou City, Guang Dong Province, 511449