Kiskissing Dropshipping Introduction:
All Kiskissing products are brand new, with Size Tags and Washing Marks, without any brand tags or brand labels.
You can place Dropshipping orders on, there is no MOQ limit. To place a Kiskissing Dropshipping order is very easy.

How to place a Kiskissing Dropshiping order?

Add the products to your shipping cart, go to the check out page. Don't choose Paypal direct payment.Because you won’t be able to change the address if you choose that.

How to place a Kiskissing Dropshiping order-s1

How to place a Kiskissing Dropshiping order-s2

How to place a Kiskissing Dropshiping order-s3

Fill in your customer's address, you also can add your order number as a remark. And the most important thing is you must check the "Dropshipping" option.

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Then choose shipping method and check out. You can see the order info when you log into

The sender info on the packages is one of our Staffs’ Name and our Chinese Company Name (without our website address or Brand name). And the shipping address is ours since FedEsx and DHL don't allow us change the shipping address.

The following pictures are our Dropshipping packages:

Kiskissing Dropshipping Packages-1  Kiskissing Dropshipping Packages-2  Kiskissing Dropshipping Packages-3

Kiskissing Dropshipping Packages-5  Kiskissing Dropshipping Packages-4

If you have any other question about Kiskissing Dropshipping, please feel free to contact us: [email protected]