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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I like your website. I wanna have information about website operating way.
    Here is the guide link for new customers. You can check the details:
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  2. Can you please inform me of the minimum opening order amount, if any?
    We don't have minimum order quantity request. You can order any style in any quantity.
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  3. Is it possible to get samples before placing a large order?
    We don't have minimum order quantity request, so you can place sample order directly on the website. But there is no discount for sample orders.
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  4. Do you deliver to the UK/Negeria/Singapore........?
    Yes, we deliver to worldwide
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Lastest Questions

  1. Will I get reward points if I buy things from Kiskissing?

    Yes. If you spent $100( items costs) in your last order, you will get 100 Reward Points. You can use it in your next order as 100 Reward points are equal to USD1.

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  2. Do you offer any discount if my order is large?
    Our wholesale discount policy is as below. we have tier price for each style when each style qty reach 5pcs, 10pcs , 20pcs or 50pc. so the more you orders, the lower price you will have. The biggest discount for each style is up to 12%. We also have discount if your order total amount reach 1000usd, 3000usd or 5000usd. For the final order, when the order amount (not including shipping) exceeds 1000(USD), you can get 2% off; 3000(USD)+, get 5% off; 5000(USD)+, get 8% off.
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