The best time of the year is the holidays to boost sales and get extra revenue. Wholesale kids clothing suppliers get a chance to make maximum profits. Kiskissing is also one of the wholesalers for wholesale baby clothing and trendy kids wholesale clothing. Mostly holidays come around festive events. These festive days like Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving bear great importance. It’s the season when families gather to rejoice. Loved ones get together and bond. This particular time of the year makes everyone want to dress well and make memories. Children’s appearance is critical to their parents.

Trendy kids wholesale clothing
They want them to dress up nicely so that when they look back years later, through photos, they see good happy memories. It is an excellent chance for wholesalers to hit the jackpot. They should stock up and buy wholesale children clothing in bulk. They can get the best trendy designs for wholesale kids boutique clothing. Kiskisissing has the most variety of trendy kids wholesale clothing. Wholesalers have a great opportunity to draw the attention of their customers. They can do this by offering their beloved customers the best quality kids wholesale clothing. The unique selling point of kiskissing is that it provides products at the most affordable rates.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday are around the corner. This is the best season of the year for wholesalers to fill their inventory for wholesale kids’ clothing. Kiskissing offers both wholesale boy boutique clothes as well as wholesale girl’s dresses. People tend to shop more than usual from Black Friday sales. The reason for that is they can purchase more products in lesser amount. Usually, parents buy kids clothing for Halloween and thanksgiving through black Friday sales. Kiskissing is the best hub of children’s clothing vendors.

How to boost sales during the holiday season
It is easier to boost sales in the clothing business in holidays than other times of the year. However, there are a few methods for increasing sales. Festive events are a great time to do so. Kisskissing is a wholesale kids clothing brand, and we are here to facilitate wholesalers to generate maximum profits in this holiday season.

Boost in sales in 2020 holiday season
Ecommerce saw a historic number of sales in the 2020 holiday season, to the extent that it was twice as much as that of 2019. One of the major factors that facilitated this boost was the pandemic. People could not step outside their homes to purchase goods like clothing. Even if someone did step out for physical shopping, it was for necessary goods like groceries. Online shopping was the only way people could clothing and shoes; this is why eCommerce observed such a boost. Another reason was that there were that little to no things to celebrate otherwise. People put in extra effort to celebrate festivities like thanksgiving. It gave them hope amidst all the pandemic blues. For such celebrations, kiskissing has the most incredible variety of wholesale girl’s dresses, wholesale boys boutique clothes, and trendy kids wholesale clothing.

Early start
It was observed that in the 2020 holiday season, global spending on the retail sector started early. The $26 billion figure came earlier. Usually, this spending starts around November, but last year it started off in October, which is quite early. Keeping in mind the pattern of the previous year, eCommerce businesses like kiskissing enable and facilitate wholesalers to start preparing to meet the needs of their customers. Wholesale kids clothing businesses should begin working on their sales optimization.
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Digital engagement
Online shopping has gained a lot of trust from people. Even now when the physical shopping has resumed to a great extent a lot of people prefer to shop online. Digital interactions have significantly increased, which in turn has spiked the eCommerce business. According to stats, digital sales account for $ 1.1 trillion in the eCommerce market, and it is expected that 58% more customers would now choose online shopping over physical shopping. This figure of 58% is in comparison with the pre-pandemic period. Kiskissing provides a wholesome opportunity for wholesalers and retailers to stock their inventories with trendy wholesale kids clothing.

Ways to prepare for holiday season
Keeping in mind the uncertainty that comes along pandemic, the holiday season is an excellent time for businesses to secure their profits. A wholesale kids clothing business like kiskissing should also incorporate these ways to ensure maximum profits. Holiday season sales account for the significant chunk of revenue generation for most businesses. Below discussed are some of the steps that companies that operate online should take to maximize their profits. Kiskissing also provides wholesalers with the opportunity to prepare for the holiday season by providing the best quality wholesale kids clothing at affordable rates

Maximizing sales by facilitating customer
The best way to maximize sales is to reduce the amount of discomfort for the customer. This can be done by providing the customer with a smooth user interface on the website. The stats show that by every one-second delay, the conversion rate drops by a percentage of 7. This is quite a significant number in comparison. A survey showed that businesses who offered more than one variety of payment methods had more satisfied customers. 51% responses should that customers prefer to have more choices for payment methods. Smoother and faster transaction processes keep the customers more satisfied. Paypal and Checkout are two popular payment method options. It is essential to provide customers with convenience to keep them happy. Wholesalers can make hassle-free transactions from kiskissing. They can purchase wholesale girls dresses and wholesale

Align inventory according to new needs
A shift has been observed in the clothing and fashion industry. More people now spend on clothing and luxury items. An increase of 18.3 % has been observed in the clothing sector. However, some preferences for the wardrobe post-pandemic are changing. People mostly spent on stay-at-home outfits last year due to pandemics, but now most of them are shifting. People are revamping their closets; sports and outdoor activities are now a priority for most people. This priority has been a post-pandemic change since people are more health-conscious now. To see a boost in your business, one has to stock up the inventory by keeping market trends in view. Kiskissing provides the wholesalers with the best variety of trendy wholesale kids clothing to keep up with the changing trends.

Customer engagement
Customers always keep looking for incentives. They prefer retailers which provide the most discount, post-delivery services, and some personalized product provisions. Customer engagement makes them more particular about their decision-making process. If they are provided with values, they will be more likely to shop from you. Considering the holiday season, people also have a huge demand for personalized gifts, etc. It’s vital to develop long-term relationships with customers. This makes them loyal customers and promotes repeat purchases. Loyal customers account for most of the company’s profits. This is why their preferences and needs need to be kept in mind greatly.

Fraudulent activities
The holiday season is the time of most sales, but it is also where most frauds occur. 36% of the customers claimed that they filed false cases. This whole fraudulent pattern develops uncertainty for everyone. It is important to stay ahead of devise methods through which everyone is safe. It is essential to build the trust of the customer, and it is through this that they develop a bond with the company or business.
Customer support services
Around the holiday season, demand spikes up to 42%, which means that a lot of purchases will be made. To cater for the ever-growing needs of the customer, businesses need to step up their game. They need to develop better customer support facilities that would keep the customers satisfied at all times. This can be done by allocating more staff and finances for the customer support department and introducing better regulations that are customer friendly

In a nutshell, the holiday season is a great time to boost sales. However, there are specific steps that eCommerce businesses like kiskissing must use to maximize their profits. The first and foremost is that they should provide a smooth process of buying for the customers to easily make purchases. Moreover, customers should know he has given incentives and promotions to give one’s brand a competitive advantage over other market participants. Fraud is also widespread nowadays, and people are sceptical about investing their money in it. Customer support staff should be on their toes to serve the customer at all times. The customer makes or breaks the business; hence it is essential to listen to them and their preferences.