Our customers at kiskissing.com are from countries all over the world. Different countries have different policies and rules for goods imported overseas(at kiskissing).

So it is necessary for our customers to know something about the import tax fees before placing orders at kiskissing.

In the past years, we dealt with hundreds of thousands of orders, and we paid prices and we learned our lessons. Now we have a lot of experiences about the customs fee & TARIFFS, here we are willing to share our them with you.

  1. We support standard shipping(Aus Post, Royal Mail, New Zealand Post, etc.) and Express shipping(FedEx and DHL). Generally speaking, if your orders/packages are small, your national customs agency will not charge you for customs duties or fees.
  2. If your orders placed at kiskissing are large, but their declared customs value is below the regulated figure/numbers/threshold in your country, no customs fees will be charged. To help you to understand well if you will be charged for customs duties, here we will show you a table for the Tariffs Threshold in some countries.


    Declared Value(In total)

    United States

    USD 200

    United Kingdom

    GBP 15


    CAD 20


    AUD 1000

    New Zealand

    NZD 300


    EUR 22

  3. Generally speaking, we will declare the items value in your order according to our experiences. If you have a special/different demand of the items value declaration(you can contact your national customs agency), you can let us know before or after you place your order.
  4. Here is another experience, for some countries(such as Angola), we will not send your orders in a very large box/parcel, and we will not send your orders in two consecutive days.
  5. If there are customs fees, import taxes or duties or other related fees, normally speaking, FedEx or DHL will prepay them at the customs, and they will send you an invoice later. You need to pay money to FedEx or DHL before you get the packages delivered.
  6. Here we will also recommend you a useful tool: Import Duty & Taxes Calculator

You can use it to calculate the import taxes/ customs fee in your county.

We always aim to help you to get your orders without paying any extra fee or lowering your customs fees the best we can.

We have lots of experiences and we are glad to help if you have any questions about the import taxes/ customs fees/ tarrifs in your country.