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shipping - FAQ

  1. How can I cancel my order?

    Please contact us within 24 hours after the payment, we can cancel your order and issue a full refund.

    If it is after 24hours~47hours, the order could not be canceled without being charged a handling fee/processing fee. Generally speaking, we will charge 20%~30% of the order value as the processing fee.

    If it is after 48hours, we are sorry to say we can not cancel the order.

    Please do a double check before and after you place the order;)


    Kiskissing Team

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  2. Can I change my shipping address after I placed my order?


    Sorry to say we can not change the shipping info after an order is placed.

    According to Paypal policies, we can only send the order to the shipping address our customers left in the order.

    If we change the shipping address, there will be no seller and buyer protection for the order.

    Pls double check your shipping address when you place your orders.


    Kiskissing Team

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  3. Do you deliver to the UK/Negeria/Singapore........?


    Yes, we deliver to worldwide


    Kiskissing Team

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  4. What is the shipping method FIC 7~12 working days, is it FedEx?

    FIC stands for FedEx International Connect, it is not FedEx Express. The shipping time in transit is about 7~12 working days.

    FIC is cheaper and slower than FedEx, it is a standard shipping service provided by the FedEx group.

    It is more like EMS-USPS, after we ship out the packages, it takes 7~10 working days for packages come to the US, and there will be no further shipping updates before the packages come to the warehouse or station of FedEx in the US.

    When the packages reach the US, you can find out the shipping updates by searching with the tracking number at

    We highly suggest you check the shipping updates by using this site, the info here is more detailed:

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