To provide our clients with a better shopping experience and a better service, we decide to cancel the United States Postal Service(USPS) from 1st Dec,2018.

As we all know, compared to FedEx and DHL, USPS is the slowest shipping, and the speed of its delivery is very unstable. Sometimes the arrival time takes more than 30 days and we also can’t change the address after we send out the packages.

Recently, we got many complaints from our drop-shippers, most of them cannot wait patiently for the parcels which were delayed at the customs. Normally speaking, if the parcel is delayed at the customs, there will be no updated tracking info. Some clients wrote wrong addresses, it leads to the failure of delivery. USPS won’t change the address for us, and they’ll charge us a high fee for returning the packages.

Actually, the standard shipping way is cooperated between the CHINA POST and your local post. The parcels to USA are handled by USPS. They are easily delayed at the USA customs compared with those sent to other countries, especially during the peak business season. The post of other countries are much better.

What’s more, the recent policy of USA does not support this shipping in a kind way, which leads to the rise of the shipping cost of USPS.

Actually, we originally didn't recommend standard shipping like USPS. It is not stable. But considering some clients need some samples for quality checking or drop-ship, we tried our best to keep this commercial way. But now we cannot stick to this anymore.

So, in order to avoid the loss for both of us, we decide to cancel the USPS shipping option on our website since 1st Dec, 2018.

We all know that profits can only be earned if we run the business in a fast way. If we use the standard shipping, the order turnover would be too long and we would waste time on waiting and how can the business be running faster?

We have another commercial but fast shipping (FedEx-IP) to replace it. For the small packages, we recommend you to choose the FedEx IP. We have got the biggest discount from the FedEx. FedEx IP is the cheapest shipping now, and the most important thing is, it is as fast as the DHL (3-5days).

Actually, most of our clients choose EXPRESS shipping way like FEDEX or DHL, which is fast and stable. They know that, if buying more, the average shipping cost is much lower than that of the standard shipping way. For the development in long run, we suggest our clients use FEDEX or DHL. You can adjust the business to the appropriate promotion way accordingly. For example, you can set your boutique selling policy to be “free shipping for orders amount over 100usd”. Then the shipping cost would be similar as that of the standard shipping way. You can also combine the orders from several customers and then place a big order at us.

Kindly reminding, if what you have ordered is what your customer bought, pls make a remark at the checkout page that you want us to inform you if there is any item out of stock before shipping. Otherwise, we would ship directly if we don’t miss so many out of stock items for your order. It is hard for us to inform every customer for every order because it is too big work volume for our people.

We always try our best to make sure most of the products in stock. But we have daily new styles and we have thousands of styles online, it is hard to make sure that all the styles always be in stock. Sometimes, the season change might lead to the stop of the production for some styles. And some styles might not be repeated in production because the bulk fabric is not available anymore. So out of stock issue is truly not avoidable.

For our drop ship clients, please change your shipping mode, and make sure the shipping address is correct before you check out. FedEx can change the shipping address after we ship the goods, but they also charge a high fee for that. Sometimes the fee of changing address is higher than the shipping fee you have paid for your order.

So please check your address carefully before or after the checkout. If you find that you put a wrong address, please contact us immediately. You can send your order number and the correct address info to our email: [email protected] We will change it before we ship your order. If you inform us after we ship your order, you need to pay the changing address fee.

If you have any questions, please send email to [email protected]