Are you the owner of a kids’ clothing store? If so, then there is no time to lose. It is time to go for some best and most popular st Patrick’s day children’s clothes. Do you think the same?

But the problem here is that you don’t have the best st Patrick’s day children’s clothes and reasonable wholesale children’s clothing distributors. But don’t sweat it that much because we are here to help you with the 12 most popular St Patrick’s day children’s clothes for your kids’ clothing business as the seller of wholesale children’s clothing.

So, let’s get straight into it:

List of 12 Most Popular ST Patrick’s Day Children’s Clothes for Your Kids’ Clothing Business 

Are you planning to buy wholesale children’s clothing? But before that, you must know about popular st Patrick’s day children’s clothes that attract today’s kids:

1.Four-Leaf Clover Top and Leopard Print with Flared Pant (For Girls)

Let’s jump into the list with a charming and attractive baby girl outfit that is trending nowadays due to the leopard design that never gets old. If you haven’t sold any St. Patrick’s day children’s clothes, then you must start increasing your sales by getting things going with this masterpiece. Your customers will surely love this two-piece baby girl dress. Because it has a dark green top with a four-leaf clover in which leopard design fits amazingly. 

That clover in the middle gives the proper vibe of St. Patrick’s day. And the flared pants with leopard print and green bottom look awesome. Moreover, the color combination of leopard print (black, green, and brown) also provides the army’s orthodox vibe. So, you can also suggest to your customers that this outfit is casual, so you can also wear it at any army event as well. 

2.Two-Piece Unicorn Suit (For Girls)

A four-leaf clover is a must when talking about St. Patrick's day children's clothes, so your clients will get many small four-leaf clovers on top and trousers as well. The theme of the dress is, as usual, green because of the Irish touch, but this time you will light green shirt with a frock-like design that is extremely famous among toddlers (only girls).

First, there is a simple shirt but with a quite elegant unicorn. But the best thing is those three four-leaf clovers on the forehead part of the unicorn with closed eyes. The way unicorn fits with those green clover leaves is probably our favorite part of this two-piece outfit.

3.Black and White Striped Dress (For Girls)

An extremely cute St. Patrick's day children's clothes that you should always recommend to toddlers. This one-piece suit comes up with a specially-themed hairband on St. Patrick’s day. If you buy wholesale children's clothing for this season and event, then this suit will undeniably increase your sales rate.

Horizontal stripes of two basic colors (black and white), then frock-like design for bottom made of net fabric. The net is dark green as it should be and, of course, a four-leaf clover in the middle with a shinny and glittery shade of green color. And a ribbon adds up to it.

4.Four Leaf Print Flutter Sleeve Mesh Bodysuit  (For Girls)

Another beautiful suit for girls is offered by KisKissing (a reliable wholesale children's clothing distributor). One of the fanciest dresses you will see as St. Patrick's day children's clothes. This is fabricated specially for those who always ask for glittery and shiny dresses. Do you also face this kind of customer every day? If yes, this suit must be in your next wholesale children's clothing.

Flutter sleeves with a broad neck and then glittery body made with some shiny dark and light gold sequins. Sequins are disc-shaped shiny plastic small materials used o bring shine to any fabric. Then like the last one. The frock in the bottom is made with and fabric. And most importantly, a four-leaf clover print on the bottom (net), but this time it's golden.

5.Four-Leaf Clover Bow Wholesale Baby Dress (For Girls)

Now after some fancy stuff, let’s move on to that dress that contains four-leaf clovers in bulk. The numbers of traditional Irish clovers are well enough to impress a kid (girl) and her parents. If you are one of those children’s clothing sellers who always keep some classic stuff, then this St Patrick's day children's clothing is perfect for you.

The colors of this dress are kept quite simple, but still, they are enough to make it a special one. Starts from the dark green upper area of this one-piece suit with a quite new shoulder design that can impress anyone. Then in the middle, “ Happy St. Patrick’s Day” is written with four clovers in light green color. The bottom is made of the same fabric as the shoulder design and the ribbon placed in the middle.

6.Two-Piece Suit With Shamrock Print Set Top (For Girls)

Presenting you one of the best wholesale children’s clothing you will see this season. It comes with half-sleaves and thin fabric, which means that you can recommend to your customers that their kids (girls) can wear them after St. Patrick’s day in Summers.

Designed half sleeves with Shamrock print set on a decent and simple light green shirt. And the skirt with amazing print with four-leaf clovers all over it makes it a perfect part of St Patrick's day children's clothes.

7.Three-piece Outfit with Golden Touch (For Girls)

Now after some one and two-piece suits, you should also have three-piece suits. Right? Because many customers prefer three pieces instead of anything. A perfect suit for 17th March with two golden ribbons: One on the skirt and the other on the hairband. Yes, you have heard it right, this suit comes up with a cute green hairband with a golden ribbon.

The shirt of the dress is white with a beautifully written text: Cutest clover in the patch. The shirt also has many small and big green clovers. The skirt is net fabric and has a big golden ribbon on the thick waist. 

8.Shamrock Flared Sleeve Dress (For Toddler Girl)

A cute one-piece suit with some unique shamrock flared sleeves on black fabric. This will be perfect for those customers who ask for some unique dresses. Usually, St Patrick's day children's clothes are white and green, but this one is black and green. But green is a must color for this event. Although white frock is also available, we prefer black more because of its uniqueness.

9.Three-Piece Bodysuit & Mesh Skirt (For Girls)

Another three-piece suit that is quite similar to the previous one. A shirt and a skirt with a golden yellow hairband. In this dress, golden color is only kept with hairband while shirt is white with a cute print and skiort is green (made with net fabric).

10.Three Piece Lucky Suit (For Girls)

It is called lucky because of its text: “Make your own luck” with some cute clovers. This is one of the best three-piece suits you can ever buy in your wholesale children's clothing. A reasonably attratice green color is used as its main color. A pretty stylish green top comes up with white shorts and a hairband. Hairband is with bow while design of hairband and shorts is same that is extremely good because of those green four-leaf cloves.

11.Shamrock Set Top And Flared Pants (For Girls)

Another two-piece suit with some unique design. And on this suit, you can get a discount by buying more and more. A black top with white flared pants is a great combination, and differently colored clovers add more.

12.Three-piece Bodysuit & Pants & Headband (For Girls)

We don’t think any other online wholesale children's clothing distributors can provide you with a dress like this. A white top with a stylish tie and black pants and a hairband with green four-leaf clovers. You will see clovers all around, making it better than many other St Patrick's day children's clothes.

Note: All these wholesale children’s clothing is available on So, if you want to sell brilliant St. Patrick’s day children’s clothes this season and make good money, then you should contact one of the best wholesale children’s clothing distributors. 

How To Prepare Kids Clothing For Your Customers Before St. Patrick's Day?

17th March is always a special day for those who are all set to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. So, why not make it more special for them and make some profit out of it? Is it a good idea? If you consider the same, you must prepare St Patrick's day children's clothes for your customers to make them buy dresses from you.
That is how you will be able to finish your wholesale children's clothing. Right? That is why we are here with some tips to help you out.

Place St Patrick's day children's clothes on Front

The primary thing you should do is show all St Patrick's day children's clothes that you have available in your shop. That is how customers who are willing to buy dresses for their kids will be attracted to your shop. You can also make a board to write something about St Patrick's day children's clothes.

Make Everything Green
It is not a mess, but it is a superb technique to attract people who want to buy clothes to celebrate the day. In Ireland, almost every kid’s clothing seller will do the same. But if you live in another country like the USA, doing it makes it easier for the customer to understand which shop offers St Patrick's day children's clothes and which does not.

Give Discounts
Like any other festival, on St Patrick's day, every kid’s clothing shop will sell St Patrick's day children's clothes. So, how will you stand first and sell more than anyone else? Yes, you have guessed it right. You have to give your customers some extra stuff to stop them from going to any other shop. And that extra stuff is a good discount.

The Bottom Line
Now, as a shopkeeper of a clothing firm, you have 12 most popular St. Patrick’s day children’s clothes for your kids’ clothing business. Moreover, you also know how to prepare kids' clothing for your customers before St. Patrick's day. So, it means that you are pretty much ready to buy some wholesale children's clothing from reliable wholesale children's clothing distributors.

Do you have done your research on this topic? If not, don’t sweat it because we have done it on your behalf. So, if you ask us about a dependable wholesale children's clothing distributor with competitive prices, we will always recommend for you.

There are many benefits of going for, but the most prominent one is that you can order virtually. So, you don’t even have to move, and if you don’t like the product (due to a legit reason), you can return it.