Dear Kiskissing Customers, 

Thanks for your business support for KISKISSING.
We are proud to share the good news with you. 

As you know, our clients like our items at KISKISSING and shetar, and they also have the needs for men's clothing.
Our new wholesale website for men's clothing is finally ready for order placing now.

Here is the website

If you already have an online boutique, we strongly suggest you consider adding men's clothes to your store also.
Or you can also open another store that focuses on men's trendy clothing only.
We would appreciate it a lot if you can take some time to browse our new website.
If you like our items and also have a plan to order, you can use coupon code 5XMENGO for order placing and you would get a 5% discount for any order in any quantity.
If you don't like the site or you have suggestions, we would appreciate it a lot if you can send e-mails to
Thank you in advance.
Best Wishes