Dear Clients,

How time flies! New Year 2020 is coming near.

Thanks a lot for your business support during 2019. During 2019, KISKISSING is growing, but there is also something not satisfying and needs to be improved. In 2020, the KISKISSING team would try its best to provide better service, faster processing time, lower out of stock rate and more variety of wholesale baby&kids items in the most fashion trend. Thanks for your patience and kindness with KISKISSING, which makes us more confident to make a better win-win result in 2020.

Please kindly notice that, for the new year holiday, Our office would be closed for holiday from 20th Jan to 2nd Feb.(warehouse would be closed from 15th Jan to 6th Feb)

Orders placed after 15th Jan would not be shipped out before our holiday, and might only be shipped around 8th Feb 2020.

Orders placed after 10th Jan might not be shipped out before the holiday because we need 2-7 days of order processing time.

Orders placed during the holiday would be shipped after 10th Feb 2020 gradually.

We accept order placing during this period. When we return from holiday, we would process the order according to the order placing time. If you placed the order earlier, then we would ship the order earlier. Our team always works overtime after the holiday, so please kindly give us more patience. Thanks in advance ;-)

But our factories have longer holidays than the KISKISSKING office because the workers only have this long holiday for a whole year's time. Our factories are scheduled to be closed for the holiday from 10th Jan to 10th Feb 2020. It means if some items were out of stock, the repeat production can not be made during this period. Normally, the production can only get back to normal by the end of February as experience, because most workers didn’t come back to work until then. And before this, the production can not run fast because there are not enough workers in the factory. You know, we have too many items on the website. The out of stock rate would also be higher during this period because the repeat production can not be finished in time.

So we highly suggest our dear clients prepare some stock for your selling during December and before your new year holiday in advance.

Otherwise, it would be too late if you place an order after this. If the order would be placed after 7th Jan, there would not be enough time for order processing and there is a very small possibility for us to ship out your orders before the shipping cutting off time 15th Jan.

Here we also would offer big promotion support before 12th Jan,2020.



All in all, Thanks for your kindness and support. And best wishes for 2020 to you all!


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